Step one

Schedule a Goal Call with one of our Caliber Consultants. This will help you determine how we can help you.

step two

Keep your scheduled appointment. Your personal Caliber Consultant will make sure you are fully informed.

step three

Let your Caliber Consultant know how much you intend to invest and what your expectations are from him.

a penny a day

a penny a day. . .

The day and age is here where investing a lump sum of money isn't always feasible. Our Caliber Capital team is trained to manage small, scheduled deposits extremely conservatively. Think of it like a savings account with compound interest. Invest weekly, every paycheck, monthly or even every three months and watch your account grow. No deposit commissions.

weekly account review

Your Caliber Consultant will be in direct communication with the Caliber Capital money managers, so you will be kept in the loop constantly. This is a direct shift from what the rest of the industry does - and we don't intend to change our policy any time soon.

work with us


Caliber Group provides a unique service to a demographic that is typically ignored. Spend 15 minutes on a Caliber Goal Call and decide if investing is right for you. Our consultants don't use fancy language and technical terms to mislead and confuse - which is a rare thing in our industry.


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